Myfedloan Sign In – Steps to Log Into MyFedLoan Servicing Portal

If you have borrowed money for your tuition, you will be familiar with MyfedLoan. This portal gives the service for the borrowers as well as the financial aid officers. Before you reach Myfedloan Sign In page, you need to select the user role at the top left corner of the page. If you want to apply for the loan or make a loan payment, you have to select Borrower.

By signing into Fedloan account, you will be easy to manage your loan. Your Fedloan online account can help you to connect your bank to the MyFedloan payment system. This way, you can make online payment wherever and whenever you are. After making the monthly payment, you can view the online statement. Besides, you can change the method of payment. You can register for the direct debit for the easy payment.

Here is the Myfedloan Sign In process.

  • Visit MyFedloan Servicing portal.

Make sure that you have created a FedLoan account. If you have a new Myfedloan account, you can try to sign into your profile. There are three types of MyFedloan users. They are the borrowers, partners, and financial aid officers. If you have student loan debt, you should sign into the web as the Borrowers.

  • Click on Myfedloan Sign In.

The login button is on the top-right corner of the page. When you click on Sign In button, there will appear a pop-up for your account access.

  • Fill out the Login section.

In the process of creating Myfedloan account, you have set up a FedLoan username and password. So, you have written MyFedloan username as well as the password on the given space. Make sure that your Capslock button is off. It is because the password field is case sensitive.

  • Tap MyFedloan Sign In button.

When you are sure that your Fedloan login details are correct, you can press the blue sign in button. The next, you can reach your Myfedloan profile.  You can access Fedloan login guideline at

The login process sometimes does not run well. In certain case, you may experience the login problem. This trouble can happen because you are wrong in typing the username or password. Besides, your cannot log in because Fedloan locks your account. You can try one of these solutions when you face MyFedloan Sign In troubles.

  • Reset your Fedloan password.

Myfedloan has provided Reset Password feature. This menu can help you to create the new password. When you lose your password, you can try this feature. By entering the Fedloan account number, date of birth and your last name, you can generate a new password. Myfedloan will give a temporary passcode to log into your account.

  • Recover Myfedloan username.

In certain case, you may lose your username. When it happens, you can select Recover Username feature. To get your username back, you have to enter your last name, SSN, Fedloan account number. You need to enter the date of birth as well. The next, you will get your Myfedloan Username back.